Friday, December 9, 2011

New Mexico Clay’s Cone 10 Bodies
for General use in reduction, wood or soda firing.


ANN’S (NEW) SODA AND WOOD FIRED WHITE STONEWARE:  Our Cone 10 soda and flashing body contains 2 Kaolins (Helmers is one) for whiteness, and stoneware and sagger clays for flashing, also has 10% fine grog. A creamy color in oxidation, a grey color in light reduction. Flashes rust in soda.

Throwing notes: “Throws great for tall thin pieces, not a “tight” body” “Throws Like a dream!”


SOL: All California fireclays give this versatile clay body a pleasing sunny California toasty warm color in reduction. Our sand doesn’t pop out giving the body a smooth texture after firing.

Throwing notes: “Another great body for tall thin pieces, moves easily. ”



HIGH HILLS II: Our version of the popular Missouri fireclay, Goldart, ball clay and grog type stoneware. Very forgiving and throwable clay for production potteries. Tan to gray brown in reduction, medium texture. Jeff Zamik  approved ZAM body.

Throwing notes: “It is a “tight” body (it resists your effort to move it). Stands well on its own. Great for wide bowls.

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