Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Copper Clay?

A new item from Art Clay World is Copper Clay. Somehow this new clay can be fired with a torch. You must qwench the fired piece RIGHT away or it oxidises. To remove the black oxide you must pickle it in a mild acid at 140F!  More info click here

Well if it works it should be real easy to use and will save a lot of kiln time as the COPPRclay we have had for a while needs to be fired in a saggar filled with activated charcoal in a digital kiln.

I will make something and fire it tomorrow!

Coyote Glazes crystals in glaze

I was just informed by a customer in Las Cruces NM that every time she went to use her glazes she had to screen them. Remaining in the screen was a cup full of what looked like clear crystals. I had never seen this so had no idea...  She called over to Frank at Coyote Glazes and he explained that when it is very cold the gerstly borate creates crystals and they need to be put in the microwave and melted then put back in the glaze. Who ever heard of such a thing?